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Marking of Equipment Designed for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

By putting the CE mark on a product, the manufacturer declares that the product meets the essential requirements of all the so called “New Approach” directives relating to the product. In order to determine whether a product meets the requirements of the “New Approach” directives and can be labelled with the CE mark, a conformity assessment is performed

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Explosion risk assessment and the problems of ensuring safe production in explosion hazard conditions

The legal basis for production in explosion hazard conditions is determined by the EU ATEX 137 Directive (EN 99/92/EC). It was implemented in the Polish law by virtue of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 July 2010 regarding minimum requirements for occupational safety and health, related to potentially explosive atmosphere in the place of work (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 138, item 931). Both of the legal acts define the basic duties of employers in that regard.

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A costly problem with explosive atmospheres – how to avoid it?

Food manufacturing usually requires the use of powdered materials, which brings a hazard of explosion and fire. The Polish and European laws require from the owner of a production plant to prepare an Explosion Protection Document, which may become a costly problem for the plant owner. How to deal with that?

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