Specialised ATEX training supported by a practical
live demonstration of explosions

A series of training combined with live demonstrations of explosions is a unique solution in Poland and one of the few events of this kind in Europe.
Apart from the knowledge from highly experienced practitioners training delegates will be able to see firsthand how powerful are the substances commonly used in industrial environments.



Dust explosion [slow motion]

The video shows three similar dust explosions (about 1000 grams) in a device. In each case a different explosion protection measure is applied so different end results can be observed.

Dust explosion [three scenarios]

Explosion protection measures are very effective, however only when used correctly. The video presents three cases, each one ending in a different way.

Gas explosion [detonation and deflagration]

A small change in a process system can have dramatic consequences. The video shows how extending the piping by only 1m affects the dynamics of a gas explosion.

Are you interested in training?

Just send us a message. For many years we have organise training courses, both open and in-house, and for several years we have also supplement them with unique live demonstrations of explosions and explosion protection. Describe your needs, and we will certainly try to fulfil them.