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with a unique demonstrations of explosions

Industrial explosion and process safety - MAKE A RESERVATION


20-21 September

 ~200 participants

 ~16 lecturers

6th International HAZEX Conference
Industrial explosion and process safety with a unique demonstrations of explosions and protective systems


A unique live demonstrations of explosions  only content-related presentations  time for discussion and questions after speeches a gala dinner with additional attractions translating speeches in real time a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge a warm atmosphere

What and for whom


The subject of the HAZEX conference changes in two-year cycles. Even years are topics focusing mainly on hazards resulting from the presence of flammable and thus explosive dusts in the process. In turn odd years stand under the sign of explosive and process safety in plants using dangerous gases and liquids. This will be the case during the upcoming, sixth edition of the HAZEX conference, which will take place on September 20-21, 2018


The 6th edition of the HAZEX conference is addressed mainly to industrial plants using flammable and dangerous gases and liquids, contracting companies carrying out work on such facilities, as well as insurance companies and government organizations. The conference should in particular be attended by representatives of the management and engineering staff of technical departments, including those responsible for safety and maintenance of the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and related industries..


Every Wednesday we are going to publish in this place the subjects of lectures and lecturers’ bios – in this way we wish to draw your attention to the HAZEX conference. Just to remind, every lecturer has from 30 to 45 minutes for the lecture and further 5 to 10 minutes for questions from the audience. We believe that such approach enables presenting important issues in an exhaustive manner and solve real problems found in everyday professional work.

1st DAY – 20.09.18


8:30 – 9:00

Check-in and treat (coffee, tea, sweets)

9:00 – 9:05

Welcome speech

9:05 – 11:25
  There will be time for questions and answers after every lecture, and your activity will be rewarded.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Impact on Process Risk

Mariusz Balicki: dealing with explosion safety techniques for more than a dozen years. A practitioner who is active in drawing up documents required by the ATEX directive. He shares his knowledge during training, which has so far been attended by over 1,000 people. A graduate of Cracow University of Technology as well as a post-graduate course in industrial process safety of the Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, and a course in technical safety in explosion hazard zones at the Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice. Certified manager responsible for technical safety in explosion hazard zones (GIG Certificate No. MEx/0002/2012).

Implementation of Functional Safety Standards at an Industrial Plant. Typical Problems and Errors

Rafał Selega: experienced practitioner in process and functional safety. He gained vast experience in that scope working at projects performed for such renowned concerns as LOTOS, Orlen, Saudi International Petrochemical Company, Canadian Natural or GASPROM. A member of many task forces of ISA 84 and IEC, dealing with process and functional safety in order to develop functional safety standards. Member of the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN).

Restrictions in the application of the PN-EN 60079-10-1: 20156 standard. Classification of space. Gaseous explosive atmospheres.

Andrzej Wolff: Expert in explosive safety and process safety with more than 20 years of experience. An author or co-author of more than 90 Explosion Risk Assessments, 100 Explosion Protection Documents and several dozen safety audits, opinions and expert opinions for leading industrial works in Poland. He has carried out numerous training sessions in explosive safety in industry. A long-term lecturer of the Kraków University of Technology at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering.

11:25 – 11:45

Coffee break

Conference participants will be able to enjoy a full day coffee break, this means unlimited access to hot coffee and tea, as well as sweet and savory snacks. Coffee break is also the time for behind-the-scenes conversations.

11:45 – 13:50

Events – A Stimulus of Change

Przemysław Gostomski: Manager of the Process Safety Team at PKN ORLEN S.A. For over 12 years active in petrochemical and oil refining industry, responsible for preventing serious industrial failures, supervision and improvement of the process safety management system, as well as coordination of preventive actions related to OHS and fire safety at the ORLEN Capital Group. In the years 2015–2016, Director of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), Gdańsk Division. Graduate, among other courses, of the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) in Warsaw, major in management in hazard situations, as well as a certified trainer at Brian Tracy International based in Poland.

Increased security during the leakage of hazardous gases

Martin T. Olsen: Creator of a patented technical solution – the Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Combined with a Testing Device (US Patent No. 7,318,335), which he developed and introduced on international markets. Author and co-author of many publications related to stationary gas detection systems (including “Fixed Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection, an Integrated Technology in Modern Fixed Fire and Gas Detection Systems”, “Fixed Gas Detectors – Total Speed of Response”, “Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection With Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Improve Process Safety While Reducing False Alarms”). Co-creator of the Danish Gassonic A/S company (which has operated under the name of the American MSA Safety brand since 2011).

Estimation of Individual Risk for Blast Resistant Modular (BRM) Buildings

Ali Sari: Specialises in fire and explosion safety analyses, risk analysis and assessment of structural and mechanical integrity of offshore and onshore structures. He has over 20 years experience in structural and mechanical engineering. Director of Omega Advanced Engineering based in Houston, USA. Risk Consultant. Associate Professor of the Istanbul Technical University. Member of ASCE, API and ISO technical committees.

13:50 – 14:50

Lunch break

Lunch serves not only to replenish energy resources and to relax but it also creates an opportunity for backstage discussions. Therefore, we have planned as much as 60 minutes for lunch. To make it more efficient, the lunch – as opposed to dinner – shall be served in the form of a buffet at the hotel restaurant.

14:50 – 16:50
The conference is for you – taking active part in it you gain Hazexes, our internal currency.

Electrostatic Control – Protecting People & Plant From Unseen Explosion Hazards

Raquel Toro-Duran: A trusted advisor in static electricity risk control in hazard zones. She has extensive knowledge of the practices developed by IEC, Cenelec, API or NFPA. A graduate of the University of Valencia. She gained her professional experience in the projects for a leading brand of earthing monitoring systems.

Draft Regulation on safe distance determination within the meaning of Article 73 sections 3 and 4 of the Environmental Protection Law

Paweł Dadasiewicz: Manager of Serious Accidents Prevention Division of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection; graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry; member of the Competent Authorities Committee for implementing the SEVESO directive; Deputy Chairman of the Convention Office for trans-border consequences of industrial failures.

Domino effect and the related duties of the operators of ZZR [increased-risk] and ZDR [high-risk] plants

Sergiusz Urban: Specialist in environmental protection law and policy of the European Union and Poland. He took part in the performance of many industrial investments, including cooperation with Orlen Upstream sp. z o.o. and Talisman Energy Polska sp. z o.o., consulting for Ciech, EDF Polska, CERAC and IKEA. He is the manager of the environmental protection team and cooperates closely with the team in charge of mergers and acquisitions, energy law and infrastructural projects. Member of a working group evaluating compound projects under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.

16:50 – 17:10

Coffee break

20 minutes is left before setting off to the nearby artillery range where a demonstration of explosions will be held. At that time, you may avail of a treat, use the toilet or return to your hotel room to leave there your participant’s package.

17:10 – 19:00


Pyrotechnic show

We set off to the nearby artillery range at 17:10 The buses to take us there will wait in front of the main entrance to the hotel directly. The trip will take us not more than 10 to 15 minutes. At the artillery range tests will be held with the use of flammable and explosive dusts and gases. Each of the tests will be provided with comments by an expert. The show will last more than one hour, so make sure you get dressed well.

20:00 ~

Common dinner in Al Capone style

The dinner closes the first day of the conference. This is the time to rest and relax. Like every year, we have a surprise for the conference participants. This time, the dinner will be held in Al Capone style. Every woman will get a feather boa and every man will get a classical hat – the absolute must attributes of that time. The guests will get a special currency to spend on illegal spirits, gabling at the casino or on valuable forfeits. The cash may be earned already during the lectures – we wish the conference to reply to the real problems of its participants, so we have planned the time for questions and answers after each lecture, while every question will be rewarded with a banknote. The key event of the dinner will be a live concert – a standing point of all our conferences.

2nd DAY – 21.09.18

9:00 – 10:20

Fire protection optimisation with the use of modern analytical techniques

Szymon Andrzej: EHS Engineer with 12 year’s experience in occupational health and safety related to petrochemical and chemical systems, and coordination of safety activities on construction sites. He is experienced in preparing hazard explosion zones sheets and drawings, documentation of explosion risk protective measures at work, fire safety and fire protection documentation (including fire protection philosophy), calculations for fire water as well as engineering and measuring diagrams for fire water, location of fire-proof zones, instructions on fire safety and protection, material specifications, etc.

Fire-safe and fire-resistant cables, cables in explosion hazard zones – purpose, functions and selection. Current legal status of safe systems at industrial structures

Artur Block: On a daily basis, he cooperates with design offices and independent designers in electrical, automation and teletechnical sectors. He runs seminars and problem training dealing with cables and phenomena present in various industrial environments. He is a specialist in selecting optimal solutions for low voltage networks and systems. A graduate, among other courses, of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the Higher School of Grudziądz, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, major in plastic processing. Active in electrotechnical sector since 1988. Since 2006, Product Manager in cable industry.

10:20 – 10:40

Coffee break

10:40 – 12:40

Fire safety in the storage areas of flammable liquid materials in mobile tanks, including 1,000 L (IBC) plastic containers – fire hazard and fire safety system options acc. to FM Global standards

Jacek Fabiszak: Experienced expert in industrial property loss prevention in many sectors of industry. For the last 10 years he has been performing a series of projects as a Consultant Engineer at FM Global. He is an FM Global specialist in explosion hazard in dust atmosphere, risk assessment in the pharmaceutical industry and glass-works with regard to fire hazard and natural environment hazard. Moreover, he specialises in automatic fire extinguishing systems for process and warehouse areas (including storage of flammable liquid materials) as well as selection of protection parameters in accordance with FM Global standards.

ATEX – Required vs Sufficient Conditions. A Glimpse on Ensuring Fire Safety in Industry

Rafał Żuchowski: Deals with risk analysis and management in industry. A graduate of Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, major in ship electro automation, as well as the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Faculty of Management. For eighteen years in insurance. Nine years experience in analysing technical risk and continuity of operations at various industrial structures. Currently, risk engineer at PZU LAB SA.

Explosive Gases in the Context of Insurance Risk Assessment

Grzegorz Damps: Trainer specialising in property risk assessment, loss of profit, machine and equipment failures as well as construction and assembly works risk. Risk Engineer at Hestia Loss Control. Author and co-author of articles for sector magazines. A graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Post-graduate IWE course (International Welding Engineer) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

12:40 – 13:10

Coffee break

13:10 – 14:30

Ambient temperature as the main factor for selecting luminaire solutions for hard industrial environments and explosion hazard zones

Maciej Freza: A specialist in luminaires and emergency lighting systems for industrial systems and buildings as well as public buildings. He has been active in the fire protection systems sector for 10 years. Author of many articles devoted to legal regulations and amendments of legal acts and standards related to luminaires and emergency lighting systems. Lecturer at seminars for design offices, operation maintenance departments and investors in the subject of the broadly understood protective measures within the safety systems. Graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation, as well as the National Institute Politechnique ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, where he dealt with alternative supply sources for electrical and mechanical devices.

Working cycle of a spring operated safety valve vs proper system pressure maintenance

Bartłomiej Borzdziłowski: Dealing with the industrial fittings market for more than 20 years. He particularly focuses on process safety, and especially safety valves. In order to learn all, the nuances of their operation and use, he dealt with selecting, servicing and maintenance of safety valves. He has been cooperating with the chemical and power engineering sector companies for many years. Professionally related to such brands as Ś.Z.A.P Armak, Leser GmbH, and now GRUPA WOLFF.

14:30 – 15:30


Lunch serves not only to replenish energy resources and to relax but it also creates an opportunity for backstage discussions. Therefore, we have planned as much as 60 minutes for lunch. To make it more efficient, the lunch – as opposed to dinner – shall be served in the form of a buffet at the hotel restaurant.

Opinions and comments

Grzegorz Stęchły
Manager in HENSEL Polska Company
The electrotechnical industry

Andrzej Wolff
A GRUPA WOLFF Company founder
Broadly understood industry

Tomasz Wilk
Technolog in ADOB Company
The fertilizer industry

Bartosz Wolff
President, GRUPA WOLFF
Broadly understood industry

Tomasz Olewski
Process Safety Engineer
Texas A&M University in Katar

Marek Gagat
Occupational Safety Specialist
The electrotechnical industry


Tomasz Mitoraj, Maintenance Section Leader
Rockwool Polska

We were extremely pleased to be able to participate in the HAZEX Conference. I hope that we will also participate in the next Conference, equally fruitful in theoretical and practical terms.


Marcin Leśniak, Occupational Safety Specialist
Teva Operations Poland sp. z o.o.

I would like to thank you for organizing the seminar which was really valuable, interesting, and very well prepared..


Very interesting topics presented during the Conference, all the lectures presented in a fair and professional, also attached to these lectures materials are of high quality. In addition, by the fact that the Conference was involved such a large number of people from different industries could also consult and discuss on a variety of topics not necessarily related to the topic of seminars conducted, resulting from the daily duties performed in their companies […] With certainly in the future I would use the next invitation to the Conference.


All the issues discussed at the conference were presented at a very high level.


Worth the money spent.


Level seminar in every respect was above my expectations. I am pleased with the participation and will encourage friends to participate in the next editions. Of course, I will also want to take part.


The seminar was organized at a very high level of content and organization, I hope that the knowledge gained in the lectures will allow me to establish closer cooperation with other participants of the seminar.

The information comes from an anonymous survey conducted among the participants of the previous conferences HAZEX.

Conference in numbers

participants assessed the substantive level of the conference as high or very high
participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the participation
participants considered that the organization of the conference was at a high or very high level
the participants during the joint banquet enjoyed themselves well or very well


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Unique live explosion demonstrations

The HAZEX Conference is a unique opportunity to take part in demonstrations of explosions and protective systems in even larger scale than ever before. Experience the power of explosion. Learn how powerful energy lies dormant in gases and dusts commonly used in industry. Watch the coverage of the previous edition of the Conference.

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Each of the following prices includes the participation in the two-days conference and demonstration of explosions and explosion protections (including transport to the nearby testing ground), conference papers, coffee breaks, two lunches and a dinner for all participants. The prices do not include accommodation costs. The organizer allows you to book a hotel at special prices. The amount for the accommodation is invoiced directly by the hotel.

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Terms of participation in the International HAZEX Conference include the participation registration and making the payment to the promoter’s account. To enrol, please complete the on-line form. No later than 1 month prior to the conference, and in the case of a late entry – up to 5 working days after the date of submission of the form, a pro-forma invoice with the data for the banking transfer will be sent to the provided email address.

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10 reasons why you should attend the HAZEX conference

During the two-day series of lectures Polish and foreign experts will share their knowledge with the audience. They have often been involved in the explosive and process safety industry for many years. In their speeches they will address not only legal issues but will also focus to a large extent on the transfer of practical knowledge confirmed by the presented case studies. The high quality of the lectures is confirmed by our research – as many as 96% of participants assess the level of lectures as high or very high. We believe that valuable knowledge cannot be passed in 15 minutes, which is why our lectures, as opposed to most of the conferences, last between 35 and 45 minutes.

After each lecture you will have the opportunity to ask questions. We always try to ensure that none of them is left unanswered. We want to help participants solve the problems they encounter on a daily basis in the establishments where they work. In addition, speakers will be available to you during a common dinner. You will have an opportunity to talk to them in a relaxed atmosphere.

The conference is a perfect place to meet people associated with the industry. Both during the discussion after each lecture and in the backstage, you will be able to share your insights with others and make interesting contacts.

Between 150 and 200 people participate in our conferences. The participants of the previous editions included representatives of such companies as ABB, 3M, ADAMED, Amec Foster Wheeler Energia, Benda-Lutz, Carlsberg, CIECH, EDF, FLUOR, Grupa Azoty, HASCO-LEK, Hempel, Hestia Loss Control, LOTOS, Mondi, NITROERG, OLPP, PCC Rokita, Pfeifer & Langen, PGE, PKN Orlen, PZU, Synthos, Texas A&M University in Qatar, UDT, Whirlpool and many others.

Rest is equally important as work – the conference participants will have an opportunity to “take a breather” during a trip to a nearby firing ground. One of the key elements of the HAZEX conference is the demonstration of explosions and effective explosion protection means. During an hour-long show, supported by an expert’s commentary, you will learn what kind of risks are posed by relatively small amounts of gases and dusts that are commonly used in industry. You will see dust explosions in the open space and in a container protected by various techniques (explosion suppression, explosion relief, explosion decoupling). You will discern the effectiveness and principles of operation of individual explosion-proof systems.

The first day of lectures and discussions will culminate in a dinner with various attractions. As they say: All work and no play makes an engineer a dull boy! During the dinner, each of the participants will be able to feel for a moment like Al Capone drinking whisky in one of the big, illuminated casinos. At the entrance to the dinner room, men will be given classic hats, while women will wrap boa shawls around their necks. In this way, you will move to the period of prohibition, when certain products were only sold under the counter. The ‘gangsters’ dinner’ will be full of fun, delicious food and great music. You must be here!

On the first day, we will provide you with a participant package, where you will find, among others, a high-quality printed conference catalogue in the form of a book with the possibility of taking notes, a unique WOLFF PREMIUM BEER, the Express Przemysłowy magazine and a couple of surprise presents. After the conference, all presentations will be made available for download electronically. Thereby, you will be able to use them also in the mobile form.

The HAZEX conference is a training event. To confirm this fact you will receive a personal certificate in an elegant frame, secured with holograms. The certificate will serve as a confirmation of the knowledge you have acquired.

You can be sure that will spend the two days of the Conference in a warm atmosphere. Each smile will be returned 🙂 Personalised identifiers with names and surnames as well as company logos make it easier for you to overcome communication barriers.

The opportunity to spend a weekend in the beautiful Royal City of Krakow is certainly an added value of the HAZEX Conference. The event will take place on Thursday and Friday, so why not extend the weekend and go for a walk around the Kraków’s Market Square or Kazimierz?

Our anonymous survey indicated that 100% of the participants considered that the organisation of the conference was at a high or very high level. We were delighted to hear that, the more so that we put a lot of effort into the preparation of the conference. We are at your disposal both before and during the conference. We always put first the comfort of participants.

The hotel that we have chosen for the conference venue is easily accessible – close to the A4 motorway and the airport. No problem if you choose to come by train.

Although the conference sessions will be in two languages (Polish and English), all lectures will be translated in real time. No need to worry that you will miss something.

The participation fee covers the participation in all lectures and shows, coffee breaks, lunches and the gala dinner. We can also book accommodation for you at a special price. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

See photos from the previous edition


Each participant will receive a personalised certificate confirming the participation in the training conference undertaken in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


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Location and driving directions

1 Location: Hotel Best Western, 14a Opolska St., Cracow
2 Airport: 12 km do Cracow Airport
3 Railway station: 5.5 km to railway station
4 Highway: 4.5 km to A4 motorway (autostrada A4)
5 Centre: 6 km to the main market square
6 How to get there: click here to go to the map

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Media Kit is a package of the key information on The 5th International HAZEX Conference, prepared for the members of the media. It includes, among others, a description and information on the conference, photos, and films. Along with forthcoming conference, Media Kit will be updated for further news.

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